Introduction to Dr. Lee’s treatments

  1. Dr. Young-Jun Lee’s Primary Therapy (Dr. Lee’s major therapy)
  2. Dr. Young-Jun Lee’s Secondary Therapy (Dr. Lee’s complementary therapies)


Introduction to Dr. Lee’s treatments

Dr. Lee’s unique treatments for treating intractable and chronic diseases include the following: Most of the therapies are systematized by Dr. Lee through more than 30 years of clinical experience, and are also therapies that have been used by the medical devices he invented himself.

  1. Dr. Young-Jun Lee’s Primary Therapy (Dr. Lee’s major therapy)

(1) TMJ Balancing Therapy

  1. Dr. Young-Jun Lee’s Secondary Therapy (Dr. Lee’s complementary therapies)

(1) Dr. Lee’s upper cervical alignment Therapy

(2) Dr. Lee’s acupuncture Therapy

(3) Dr. Lee’s herbal medicine Therapy

(4) Dr Lee’s cupping therapy

(5) Dr. Lee’s craniosacral therapy

(6) Dr. Lee’s pelvic balancing therapy

(7) Dr. Lee’s spinal balancing therapy

(8) Dr. Lee’s cervical Traction Therapy

(9) Dr. Lee’s exercise Therapy

(10) Dr Lee’s stretching therapy

(11) Dr. Lee’s psychotherapy

  1. Dr. Young-Jun Lee’s Primary Therapy (Major Therapy)

Understanding Dr. Young-Jun Lee’s treatment, TMJ Balancing Therapy.


Can the treatment method which I have created over the course of 30 years actually help you? I figured it interests many of you, so I will now introduce my treatment method in a more detailed manner.


“TMJ balance therapy” is not a treatment that cures one certain disease. It is a treatment that restores the vertebrae of the whole body to its normal position from the first cervical spine to the coccyx. In short, it is a treatment that normalizes the blocked passage from the brain to the body. By normalizing all energy pathways, including cerebrospinal fluid, blood, oxygen, and lymph, this treatment simply helps the natural healing power, inherent in our bodies, to work on its own. Therefore, it helps to treat most chronic diseases related to spinal diseases or immune function.


Therefore, whatever the disease, I do not consider its name important. Fundamentally, I believe that most of the incurable diseases in our body are caused by blocked passages between the brain and the body.


Accordingly, I consider the treatment, that normalizes the blocked passage in our bodies, the key point. However, I simply restore the second cervical spine to its normal position, in order to make the blocked passage a normal one. Also, I simply balance the TMJ in order to restore the second cervical spine to its normal position.


TMJ imbalance (negative signal) has two mechanisms that cause abnormalities in the central and peripheral nervous systems. In addition, TMJ has the ability to directly or indirectly cause abnormalities in the spine and nervous system. In addition, both TMJs have the largest distribution of C fibers. Next, it is distributed in C0 (magnum foramen), C1 (atlas), and C2 (axis). This is because C fiber has several mechanisms that cause chronic diseases through multiple pathways.


Therefore, I do not put much significance to the name of the disease of each patient. I am not a doctor who heals one certain disease, I am only a doctor who normalizes the patient’s unbalanced spine.


Because of that, I am just the guide, who leads patients to the best way for the of their spine and nervous system, walking together with them to get to their destination safely and quickly.


Accordingly, I make two diagnoses to see if I can be their guide. One is the presence of a subluxation in the second cervical spine. It is essential that subluxation is confirmed. Another is the association between subluxation of the second cervical spine and imbalance of TMJ.


I do three diagnostic tests to confirm this.

If the second cervical spine is misaligned, he must have three factors, and if he wears an IBA, the three factors will disappear immediately.

This is because when the three factors disappear, the second cervical spine returns to the normal position at the same time. This is because IBA turns off the negative signals of the nine cranial nerves from both jaws.



Once these factors are confirmed, the name of the disease is not important to me. This is because most of the symptoms will disappear if the patient’s general spine returns to normal. I believe most of the positive changes will further occur if the correlation between the subluxation of the axis and the imbalance of the temporomandibular joint is confirmed. Because my therapies can be the best guide for them.