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Tips: How to take herbal medicine

2017-03-17 15:44
Hello, dear patients.

Ugh!! The herbal medicine tastes really bad and bitter! I understand.....

So here are few tips:

1. Use the straw.
a) Stick in your straw into the pouch
b) When you bite on the straw, put the straw the rear part of your tongue
(so that it minimize contact of your tongue with the medicine)
c) Drink everything at once without breathing!
d) Have some candy πŸ™‚

2. Simple one.
a) Pour the medicine in a cup.
b) Drink it at once without breathing.
c) Have some candy πŸ˜‰

***Don't mix up the herbal medicine with juices***

Hope you find it helpful.
If you have any problem or question regarding your herbal medicine, please don't hesitate to consult with Dr. Lee!

Kindest Regards,
Manager of Foreign Patients
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