How to apply for medical visa

Travel concept. Passports, airline tickets and airplane.

There are only two types of documents that the clinic offer for the medical visa: letter of reservation and business certificate.

For the patient to make a reservation and get the required documents, the patient has to provide us the following:

  1. Itinerary of the purchased flight ticket
  2. Date of arrival and departure
  3. Duration of your stay
  4. Copy of the patient’s passport


Please check out the following link to find out about the visa issuance: Visa Navigator Link

(Click upper right corner for “English” if it’s shown in other languages)

Select your ‘country’, ‘purpose of the entry (medical treatment)’, and ‘length of stay’ to find out your eligibility for stay.

Read “Eligible applicants or activities allowed” section in the search result. If it says you can visit Korea without a visa, you do not need to apply for the visa to enter Korea. However, check how long you’re allowed to stay in Korea with the visa exemption.


<Instruction for the Medical Visa Application>

Due to Covid-19, the electronic visa application has been ceased at the moment.

You need to personally visit the nearest Korean diplomatic office to submit your visa application.



You can submit your visa application form online: Electronic Visa Application Link 

You can submit visa applications online using the system callede-form (Visa).’

But still, you need to visit the nearby Korean diplomatic office in your country of residence (any nearby Korean diplomatic office; not necessarily Korean diplomatic office of your nationality) after the submission of application.

In case there is no residing Korean diplomatic office in your country of residence, you might have to look up for the Korean diplomatic office in the nearby country and visit there to complete the visa issuance. 

What is ‘e-form’ (visa application)?

  • An applicant can fill out an electronic visa application form online and submit it to the Visa Portal before he/she visits a Korean diplomatic mission in his/her country of residence.
  • To complete the application process, you must print the e-form (with a bar code) that you filled out on the Visa Portal (with other required documents) and visit the Korean embassy or consulate general in your country of residence.

Applicable Status of Stay for e-Form

  • Medical Tourist (C-3-3) (Purpose of Entry: Medical Tourism)
  • 90 days or less single-entry visas for the eligible applicants of Short- Term General (c-3) or 90 days or less multiple-entry visas only if the applicants are citizens of countries that have signed multiple-entry visa agreements with Korea

Application Procedure

Required Documents for Your e-Form

Scanned image files of passport pages, digital photograph (in natural color, size: 3.5cm x 4.5cm)



Required Document Before Visiting the Diplomatic Mission

Visa application form with a bar code, passport, photograph(natural color, 3.5cm x 4.5cm), visa fee, and required documents


Please contact the Korean embassy regarding inquiries about other documents and processes for obtaining a medical visa.

Korean embassy usually asks for the following documents for issuing medical visa:

  1. Visa application form (offered by Embassy of Republic of Korea. Download the form here )
  2. Passport & copy of passport
  3. Your photograph (in natural color, size: 3.5cm x 4.5cm, to be used for your visa in your passport)
  4. Diagnosis report or doctor’s note (from the clinic of your country)* <- cannot be issued from my clinic if you have not yet received treatment from us
  5. Letter of reservation (from my clinic)
  6.  Copy of business certificate of the visiting clinic in S. Korea (from my clinic)
  7. Financial proof (which can prove that you can afford the medical cost and stay in Korea)

***The required documents may vary depending on your nationality and your status. So please contact the Korean diplomatic office to check what documents you should bring to the Korean diplomatic office***


Following is a few lists of Korea embassy website:

* For those countries not on the list, you can find out the website by googling “Korea embassy [name of your country]”.

















If your country has a visa exemption agreement with South Korea,  please check how long you can stay.

If you’re okay with the duration, you do not need to apply for a medical visa.

The Korean government usually issues a medical visa for 30 ~ 90 days depending on your nationality.

If you are planning to extend your visa, we do not recommend bringing more than one family member as a guardian.

It is highly probable that the Korean government refuses to extend your visa.