Introduction to Functional CerebroSpinal Therapy

In the view of FCST, the three most important structures of our body are cranium, spine, and pelvis, regarding that a disease is caused from the imbalance in those three factors. The major cause of the imbalance in those three places is the imbalance in TMJ(mandible). Therefore, in order to treat a disease, process of re-balancing the three factors is the key for the FCST.

The imbalance of TMJ is the key factor of the imbalance of cranium, spine (24 vertebra: 7 cervicals, 12 thoracics, and 5 lumbars), and nerve system. The imbalances of pelvis and cranium are, however, not entirely treated from fixing the imbalance of TMJ.

Therefore, in FCST, normalization of the imbalance of TMJ is considered to be the main treatment. For the treatment of pelvis and cranium, PBT (Pelvis Balancing Technic) which is a therapy for pelvis and related spinal structure, and CST(Cranio-Sacral Technic) for cranium and sacrum will take effect to complement the main therapy. Besides, during the process of this therapy, 5 different types of analysis are taken especially to diagnose the condition of a patient in detail.

In FCST, the change of the condition at every treatment session is called a deviation. At every deviation, subluxation of upper cervical vertebra and change in related spinal structure accompanied with uncomfortable symptoms happen. Therefore, when a deviation occur, a patient needs to replace the CBA to a new one to continue controlling the spine and other related factors; this process is called ‘modification of a deviation’. The treatment is proceeded with continuous modifications.

In order to resolve the deviation which occur at every treatment session, the TMJ(mandible) needs to be analyzed and diagnosed multi-dimensionally. For the diagnosis, 7 following imbalance points are considered:

4-dimensional (horizontal, right-left, front-back, and up and down) imbalances of TMJ toward cranium and maxilla; second, 3-dimensional (cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebra) imbalances of whole spinal structure. For such analysis, various examination skills will be applied. They are five kinds of testing: TMJ balance testing, controlled rotation of cervical vertebra testing, tension of lateral cervical region testing, manual palpation of cervical region testing, and, analysis of touch response testing. Those tests are simultaneously operated respectively for the better precision.

For each session of a treatment from a deviation, it’s a process of a removing of the factor of the imbalance and normalization of imbalanced spinal structure and functions of nervous system. When all the factors are removed, the patient will not experience a deviation and will become perfectly normal as he or she ought to be. Therefore, in other words, the FCST is a comprehensive treatment to remove all the negative factors and make the patient find the very ideal condition.