Meaning of Deviation in TBT(FCST)

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Deviation means the physical changes appearing as the treatment targets of intraoral balancing appliances (spine, nerve, muscle, meridian system,…) return back to normal balanced state. Patient experiences various physical changes as the treatment proceeds. Sometimes the patient will feel comfortable and fresh; sometimes, the patient will feel discomfortable and painful. This physical change from temporary state of imbalance is called ‘deviation’ in FCST.

When the intraoral balancing appliances (CBA, TBA, OBA) reposition mandible to the balancing point for cranium, maxillary, and spinal alignment, upper cervical (atlas, axis) is realigned to the balancing point as well. Thus, the treatment targets (spine, nerve, muscle, meridian system,…) are recovered to normal balanced state. As the treatment proceeds, physical changes are appeared on the treatment target that has been in the imbalance state. In order to bring it to the balanced state, CBA is made to reposition the mandibular to the central point through the balancing test. By wearing newly made CBA, cervical vertebrae is returned to the correct position so that cerebro nervous system can function.

The occurrence frequency and numbers of deviation appear different individually because everyone has different imbalance level of body structure and different severity of the disease. In case the patient has disease with severe symptom and the deviation occurs often, the patient would have hard time from the severe symptom until get a new treatment after the deviation.

However, deviation is the process that all the patients getting FCST treatment has to go through. The doctor can confirm that the patient is getting cured by observing the therapeutic reaction – deviation; the patient can confirm that he or she is getting cured step by step through experiencing physical changes. (When deviation has occurred, don’t forget to take off CBA and wear TBA/OBA till the next treatment)

In most cases, the symptoms gradually decrease as the treatment proceeds even after the deviation. Mostly at the point of 70% recovery, the patient would not have any symptoms even after the deviation. The whole yin yan and meridian system are adjusted through correction of deviation. So please keep in mind that our body get cured by returning back to the original condition through the treatment – correction of the deviation.