Notice for Patients

Notice for the upcoming patients

2016-08-20 15:00
Notice for the upcoming patients

1. We highly recommend patients to read contents on our website and understand them well:
<<'Must Read' List>>
- FCST Treatment Procedure
- Meaning of Deviation in FCST
- Deflections (Myung-Hyun reactions) during Healing Process
- Guide for patients written by ex-patient with dystonia
- Things to keep in mind in FCST
- Introduction to FCST
- Why is the TMJ important?

2. Please bring gym wears or wear them when you come to our clinic for the exercise. You may use our spare sportswear pants at the exercise room. We encourage patient’s guardian to join the exercise program in order for patients being cheered up and feeling supportive. When the exercise room is full with patients (mostly on Saturdays), only patients are allowed to join for the exercise program. Patients are allowed to join the exercise program as many times as they want regardless with the number of sessions they take a day.

3. We recommend you to bring household medicine and/or any medicine that you’re required to take for saving any trouble or trip to the local clinic for the prescription. As for our clinic’s policy, usually we do not offer interpreter service for our patient’s visit to other clinics in order to avoid any conflict of interests (except for the emergency cases). We can help buying officinal medicine at a pharmacy, but often patients find it difficult to explain their symptoms well and/or find the medicine of the exactly same ingredient they want.

4. Let us know if the patient or guardian has any allergy (especially for food) so that we can write you that down in Korean on a ‘Guide for Daily Life’ booklet. Also, let us know if there are certain foods you want to avoid for a religious reason such as beef / pork for us to write that down too.

5. Please note that you can use your credit cards at any store including our clinic. (Masters, Visa, Amex) But just make sure that you can use those cards for the out-of-country purchase. You might be able to find that out by calling credit card’s company of yours. And there are 3 options for the payment: a) credit card, b) cash, c) wire transfer.
If you would like to proceed wire transfer, please request us for the bank account information. And please be aware that it takes at least 3 business days for the wire transfer.

6. Please let us know if patient has missing molar teeth in advance before coming to our clinic. For some cases, Dr. Lee might ask the patient to have denture before the patient’s arrival to Korea. In that way, Dr. Lee can make better appliances (CBA) with stable supports of the molar teeth.

7. Please let us know if patient is having orthodontic care. Dr. Lee usually asks patients to remove all the orthodontic wires for FCST treatment.

8. Regarding medical visa, please take a look at the following link:

9. Here is guide for travel to clinic from the Incheon International Airport (ICN):

10. Make sure to make a reservation at least 2 weeks prior to your visit. Initial consultation is only available by appointment. If you wish to stay at the nearby studio apartment, please check with us for the vacancy as you make an appointment for the initial consultation. Please take a look at the following link for the nearby accommodations:
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